Dried Fruits

7D Dried Mangoes

The fruits are naturally processed with the finest cane sugar for that appealing sweet-sour taste that makes 7D mango distinctive.

Available in 80 grams, 100 grams, 170 grams and 200 grams.

7D Dried Mangoes and Dark Chocolate

A heavy and thick taste that gives an irresistible fusion of imported dark chocolate and premium Philippine mangoe

Available in 80 grams

7D Dried Pineapple

It is made of fresh pineapples delicately dried to maintain its flavors and processed with the finest raw cane sugar to deliver that exquisite sweet and sour taste and delicate chewy texture that is most appealing to dried fruit lovers.

Available in 70 grams.

7D Dried Mangorind

It is made of fresh mangoes and tamarind ripened enough to give you that rich mango and tamarind flavor and excellent aroma.

Available in 80 grams.

7D Mangoes and Pineapple Mix

The dried mangoes is now mixed with fresh pineapples that gives a delicious taste.

Available in 80 grams.


7D Mango Puree
7D Mango Nectar