FPD Food International Inc produces super quality and world-class mango products including dried mangoes, dried pineapple, dried mangorind candy, mango nectar, mango puree, and other assortments.

In meeting local and export demands, the company procures not only from the mango-abundant Cebu island but also from different parts of the Philippines.

The Philippine company carries the world renowned 7D brand, which has been in the local and international market for over 40 years!



Mr. Francisco P. David founded FD Mango Dealer as a sole proprietorship with intensive mango production as its major activity.


Due to the success of the fresh mango production business, Mr. David established 7D Dried Mangoes as a sole proprietorship involved in processing fresh mangoes into the 7D brand of dried mangoes, which is now globally renowned for its unique sweet and sour blend, rich mango taste, and excellent aroma.


7D Dried Mangoes started producing the sweetened 7D Mango Puree.


7D Dried Mangoes started producing 7D Mangorind, a mixture of the choicest fresh mangoes and ripened tamarind.


Mr. David incorporated 7D Dried Mangoes to 7D Food International Inc.


7D Food International became recognized internationally when it received the VIII International Europe Award for Quality in Paris.


7D Food International started producing 7D Mango Nectar, the ready-to-drink mango juice in a stand-up pouch


7D Food International received the Most Outstanding Dried Mangoes award from the Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards Institute, the Asian Institute of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and the Marketing Insights Magazine, for undertaking best marketing practices leading towards market dominance, goodwill, high-level customer confidence and market acceptability.


Since 2008, 7D Food International has been certified Kosher, complying with a strict policy of kosher food laws including purity and quality.


7D Food International received the Dried Mangoes Supplier of the Year award from the Business Achievement and Recognition Awards Council for the company’s ability to deliver on the product/services promise and excellent customer service.


Engr. Danilo David, the son of Mr. Francisco P. David, founded FPD Food International Inc since 7D Food International ceased its operation with the ensuing business reorganization.


Since April 2014, FPD Food International has become certified by SGS in meeting the requirements for Good Manufacturing Practice and for Hazard Analysis and Control Points (HACCP) Codex Alimentarius in the manufacture of its products.


FPD Food International received the Golden Global Annual Award for Business Excellence, which was conferred by the Sinag News Magazine, SINAG Foundation, and the National Data Research Examiner and Marketing Services. During the same year, the company received the Best Dried Mangoes award from Sunstar’s Best of Cebu search. The company also started selling Dried Mangoes and Pineapple Mix.


FPD Food International started selling chocolate-enrobed Dried Mangoes and Dried Pineapple.


FPD Food International Inc received the SM Top Choice Award for its excellent performance and outstanding contribution to SM Market’s overall growth.


FPD Food International launched its state-of-the-art QR code anti-counterfeit technology for selected products and markets in an effort to serve customers better.